DMC Details Logo Design

Being car enthusiasts ourselves it was the car that attracted Daniel to offer his detailing services to us. We could tell straight away he had a love of cars.

We met with Daniel, the owner of DMC Details, completely by chance. Some say that if you follow your gut it will lead you to greater things. In this case, we bumped into him on our way in to Fish N' Chicken! It would seem our appetite is a fine lead generator.

Daniel had initially created a logo, business cards and leaflets himself but wanted something more professional to reflect his high level of service. We were excited to get involved and help him achieve this.

We created a range of logo concepts, with the focus switching between more vehicular and wash-based designs. Daniel opted for a car theme, so with a keen interest in American cars we included a Mustang for him. With branding we try to include as much of a customer's personality into the design as possible.

Brilliant service to help design my logo, leaflets and business cards. Hugely recommended, thanks Phoenix 10! Daniel Coulbeck, DMC Details.

Introducing a design element that could flow across all of the DMC branding helped tie the identity together. We included the use of fabric stitching to the leaflets, business cards and digital imagery. Commonly found on high-end sports seats, this element added a sense of prestige to the services offered.

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