Thrive Impact Report 2018

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Creative design, print services, animated digital brochure and social imagery. The Thrive Impact Report provided us an opportunity to offer a wide range of design services for a great cause.

The Impact Report summarises the fantastic progress and achievements that Thrive have made during the year, with financial information and individual stories from the various Thrive centres. Ultimately it explains how people have been helped using a range of therapeutic services.

Our creative duty

As Ben Parker once famously said - "with great pixels comes great responsibility". It was certainly something of that nature. This is true for our creative output and our responsibility to accurately portray the fine work produced by Thrive. We had a duty to illustrate how people had been helped, convey the emotion behind personal stories and where donations had been utilised. We used a range of bespoke icons, stock imagery of nature to supplement Thrive photography and garden-related illustrations of tools to help tell the story. Over the past year we have introduced a style for Thrive that we flowed throughout the report.

We guided Thrive on the best print spec to choose and supplied the printed reports. Thrive were very happy with the outcome.

Digital animated report and social imagery

To supplement the printed report we created a cost-effective animated digital report. Using Adobe's in-built tools we added animation to the existing artwork and published online for Thrive to communicate across their website and social channels.

Creative services involved

  • Creative report design
  • Bespoke icon design
  • Photo retouching
  • Report printing services
  • Animated digital brochure
  • Social media imagery

For more information about the wonderful services Thrive offer, or to make a donation, please visit their website at

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