Cost-saving creativity for busy business owners

Save money and get great creative results. Win, win.

Rocket man

Strapping on a rocket pack and a (highly dubious) safety helmet is one creative way to try and impress your potential customers. We like to save you the stress and bother of burning your suits (and carpets) by proposing an easier cost-saving solution. Welcome to Phoenix 10.

The typical business owner marketing scenario

As an owner you want to attract new customers to your business, whilst spending your time providing those products and services you specialise in. It's a busy time and you try to fit your marketing tasks in as and when you can. Your dedication and confidence in growing your business will lead you to a typical marketing crossroads. Do you turn left and attempt to create your own marketing materials, designing your advertising and branding in order to keep your costs down? Or do you turn right towards investing in a specialist design service?

This is where Phoenix 10 helps narrow that choice. In essence, we build a new path through that crossroad enabling you to progress with professional and stunning marketing material at a cost that is manageable for you. We have spoken with numerous customers attempting their own branding who became disillusioned with the outcome. They felt they just couldn't produce the results that reflected the high standards of their services. In reality tying to reduce costs in this area slows business growth and makes it doubly hard to attract new customers.

At the other end of the scale we have worked with customers who have hugely overpaid for creative input. Whilst we appreciate and respect the agencies charging £70+ per hour, many of which do a fine job in utilising their numerous resources for you, do you really need them for all creative tasks? This approach is fine for bigger collaborative projects on large scale websites or huge rebranding projects. But do you really want or need to be paying that hourly rate for all of your design requirements regardless of complexity? Do you want to pay £70+p/h for your leaflets, flyers, adverts, email designs and website updates once your brand is established with guidelines in place? These are the run-rate projects that typically rely on a single designer working on them, where huge cost savings for design can be found.

How we achieve these great creative cost savings

Our slimline business model has been built to provide experienced design at an hourly rate that is almost impossible to beat by conventional agencies. We solve your creative investment dilemma by allowing you to invest a little and achieve a lot. With no central location to pay for, office rents and rates, or sales commission to cover, a far higher proportion of your investment goes towards creativity. You speak directly with the creative people that matter. You only ever pay for the time it takes to create your artwork and the tools needed to do the job.

Does this mean we pocket a higher percentage of a creative project spend? No. We have moved the cost savings of these operational efficiencies directly into our hourly rate so that our customers are the people who benefit. For every project.

Open for business

What this means for our customers

If you take a look through our testimonials we receive common praise. Our customers are very appreciative of our pricing structure and hugely impressed with the creative results they receive. We share in the enjoyment they get from being proud of their marketing and the extra confidence it gives them in successfully selling their services. They now get to spend more time impressing their customers with the skills they can offer.

We will make your business rise

We want you to become one of our customers so you can directly benefit from these cost savings with our creative services. All it takes is for you to contact us and ask for a quote. From that moment we believe you will enjoy your experience with us. Whether you need website design, social media adverts, help with your SEO and Google advertising, or print related materials like brochures, leaflets, stationery, pull-up banners and exhibition stands. We can save you money AND provide outstanding results in attracting new customers to your business. Give us a try.


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