The Phoenix 10 logo design process

Crafting you a logo that works.

Logo sketch pad

At Phoenix 10 we like to kick-off a logo design project with an open and quality conversation with you. We aim to learn about your company culture, values and the way you conduct your business. This is in preparation for adding the appropriate personality to the logo during the design stage.

The audience and the competition

Finding out two key components will impact the overall direction of design:

  • Who the logo is targeted at (audience)
  • Which companies are you up against (competitors)

Matching the style of the logo to the correct audience is achieved through good research and communication with you. Finding out how your customers think, dress and live provides valuable information in supplying you with an effective logo. For instance, a business targeting teenagers may have a bold, bright and edgy style compared to those targeting an older demographic.

The second part of the process is researching your competitors. Knowing who you are up against enables us to set you apart from their styling to provide strong competition, rather than copytition.

Logo usage

Logo usage

Where and how will your logo predominantly be used? The answer is essential for a designer to know what they can and can't do in terms of design. If your business is displayed mainly online then we could use the full RGB range to add depth and highlights. If you require lots of printed items or offline material then we would either stay away from this, or plan for alternative imagery for print. Likewise, if your logo needs to fit a specific purpose (a certain type of vehicle for example) we would ensure you have a logo to accommodate this.

Sketching and brainstorming

Peer into a designer's sketch pad and you will find a whole raft of brainstorming ideas, many of which will never be seen. Each sketch leads a designer towards a more usable concept to present to you. This quick phase is the most simplistic in separating the good from the not-so-usable.

Refining concepts

Usually the best 4 - 7 ideas will make the digital concepts stage for presenting. This process of feedback and refinement is usually the most time consuming stage, with some back and forth in developing one or more concepts further with you.

Building the brand identity

Brand selection example

The finished logo is just the starting point on the journey of brand identity development. There will potentially be dozens of elements to design, covering both digital and print use. Business stationery, signage, physical branding as well as web and social media imagery to name a few. On completion of these brand assets an associated brand guidelines document can be created. This provides some helpful assistance on how to use your new branding and work with the correct colours, typography, layout and imagery. Staying on-brand ensures you maximise your design investment and communicate consistently with the people that matter most. Your customers.

Working within your budget

Whilst all these stages are useful processes for the designer to go through to provide a logo that works, it's equally important to respect your budget and give you the best we can for your investment. Our process for working with a smaller start-up may be different to a corporate organisation with a bigger brand to develop, organise and maintain. This certainly doesn't mean reduced imagination and creativity, but we would look to reduce the number of initial concepts and refinements in the digital planning stage to keep your costs down. This makes us hugely competitive on price for both small and medium sized businesses.

Do you require logo or brand development?

We would love to work with you on a branding project. Whether you need a full brand makeover or an enhancement to an existing brand, we can provide a service to make your business rise and shine. Get in touch today to start your exciting project with us.

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